Aerosols / CO2 Monitoring / Controlled Ventilation / (Monitoring)

Minimize risk with CO2 monitoring

Experts are currently warning of the risk of infection in closed rooms. Studies have rated the risk of transmission of viruses such as Sars-CoV-2 by aerosols as high. The inhalation of microscopic droplets that are contaminated with the virus lead to infection.

The solution

CO2 measurements in connection with a simple alarm via Email or visual display.
You will find out the right time to ventilate without using any energy to waste!


enerHealth FLEX Basis
This system consists of a freely definable number of sensors (max. 60). These sensors measure on site e.g. CO2,
Temperatures, etc. and transmit them wirelessly (LoRa technology) to the central controller. The values ​​are monitored there and an email is sent if the limit values ​​are exceeded.

enerHealth FLEX signal
The enerHealth FLEX signal system is based on the basic system. Here, in addition to notification via email,
three-color signal lights can be selected. The exceeding of the limit values ​​is then displayed in color. These lights
are controlled automatically and wirelessly via the enerHealth controller.

enerHealth FLEX PRO
This system extension can be applied to both the Signal and the Basic variant. The PRO system has
via long-term archiving of the measurement data and a graphical representation (dashboards) of the data. Individualizations are possible.

The advantages
Easy to use

- The package is delivered ready to go
- Wireless and long ranges thanks to LoRa technology
- Battery operated sensors - no cables necessary
- Easily expandable at any time
- High cost transparency

As an example, we have put together a possible STARTER SET for you.

The starter SET consists of;

- 2 pcs. EnerHealth sensors

- 1 pc. EnerHealth controller

- 1 piece enerHealth signal including I / O controller

This is only a sample compilation and can be expanded according to your wishes. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you and send you an offer for the solution.


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Aerosols / CO2 Monitoring / Controlled Ventilation / (Monitoring)
Aerosols / CO2 Monitoring / Controlled Ventilation / (Monitoring)
Aerosols / CO2 Monitoring / Controlled Ventilation / (Monitoring)


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