Aerosols / CO2 Monitoring

Minimize risk with CO2 monitoring

Experts are currently warning of the risk of infection in closed rooms. The risk of transmission of viruses such as Sars-CoV-2 through aerosols is classified as high by studies.

Inhaling microscopic droplets that are contaminated with the virus can lead to infection.


Good air increases performance

Good room air supports performance and has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate.


The simplest, local solution

The simplest solution is local CO2 measurement via AM102 with an optical display for CO2 content in the air, room temperature, humidity and brightness.

With a look at the AM102 you will find out the right time to ventilate without wasting energy!

Our enerHealth FLEX system is even more convenient, precise and automated with visual alarms.

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Aerosols / CO2 Monitoring


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