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Spectra (Schweiz) AG is your local, competent contact in the field of industrial automation and communication. In our webshop, we carry selected top products from these areas.
However, our product range includes many more products and solutions in the field of automation technology, which we would be happy to show you in a personal consultation.

Network technology

Industrial networks play an important role in the modern automation world. An ever-increasing number of machines and devices are networked with each other, and data volumes are increasing rapidly as a result of digitalisation. With this development, the demands on networks and their components are also increasing. Speed, reliability and the simple integration of new end devices are only a fraction of the requirements that must be met by modern network components such as switches or routers.


Automation enables work and production processes to be carried out in a way that no longer requires direct human intervention. Numerous processes now take place automatically. Due to the constant progress of automation technologies, machines are becoming more and more intelligent and their ability to take over more complex tasks from us is growing. Components such as controllers or decentralised I/O modules are necessary components of automation solutions. 

Our Bestsellers

90 available
SFP-Modul, 1Gbps, Multi Mode 550mThe MGB family consists of SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) transceiver modules specifically designed for high performance integrated duplex data links over singlemode fiber. The transceiver modules are MSA (Multisource Agreement) compliant. They can be easily installed in SFP MSA compliant ports at any time without interrupting the operation of the host device.
Item: 154131

149 available
Switch, slim, 8x1000TX, Wide-temp
Item: 151765

63 available
tGW-725 CR
Converter, Tiny, ModbusTCP to RTU, PoE, 2xRS485
Item: 125752

79 available
Switch, compact, 4x 1000TX + 1x 1000X SFP, Wide-temp
Item: 164713

152 available
NS-205PSE-24V CR
Switch, 5x100TX PoE (15W), 24VDC
Item: 123629

65 available
I-7540DM CR
Converter, CANbus Slave to LAN (VirtualCOM), metal
Item: 151772

87 available
Switch, 8x100TX PoE, 2x1000TX/SFP, admin, Ring
Item: 130689