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Spectra (Schweiz) AG is your local, competent contact in the field of industrial automation and communication. In our webshop, we carry selected top products from these areas.
However, our product range includes many more products and solutions in the field of automation technology, which we would be happy to show you in a personal consultation.

Network technology

Industrial networks play an important role in the modern automation world. An ever-increasing number of machines and devices are networked with each other, and data volumes are increasing rapidly as a result of digitalisation. With this development, the demands on networks and their components are also increasing. Speed, reliability and the simple integration of new end devices are only a fraction of the requirements that must be met by modern network components such as switches or routers.


Automation enables work and production processes to be carried out in a way that no longer requires direct human intervention. Numerous processes now take place automatically. Due to the constant progress of automation technologies, machines are becoming more and more intelligent and their ability to take over more complex tasks from us is growing. Components such as controllers or decentralised I/O modules are necessary components of automation solutions. 

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Cable for I/O extension adapter, 2.95m
Item: 157436

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NS-205A CR » 5 Port Ethernet Switch
The cost-effective power package for your network: The NS-205A CR from ICPDASThe advanced Ethernet Switch NS-205A CR is the official successor of an absolute bestseller from ICPDAS, the NS-205 CR. Besides its dark design, the NS-205A CR especially improves the technical specifications of the NS-205 CR. This makes it a compact and powerful successor!Powerful despite easy installation & management: focus on the user-friendly designThe switch is equipped with 5x 10/100 Base-T(x) Ethernet ports and now has a wider supply voltage of 12V ~ 56VDC. The high number of ports provides more flexibility and scalability when expanding your network. With its user-friendly design, the NS-205A CR makes installation and integration easy. It comes as an unmanaged switch, which means it requires no additional configuration or management. This allows for easy plug-and-play setup, eliminating the need for complex software installations or technical expertise. It is this targeted focus on the user that makes the NS-205A CR a straightforward and powerful solution for any industrial network!The NS-205A CR comes with ideal requirements for industrial useWith an operating temperature range of -40°C to +75°C, the NS-205A CR guarantees reliable performance under harsh conditions. The rugged plastic housing provides added protection and durability. The switch is designed for DIN rail mounting, but also offers wall mounting options. With an IP40 rating, it is protected from dust and foreign objects.
Item: 157730

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PLC COM module, Ethernet, SM35/43/70, V130/350/430
Item: 117833

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IGS-801T » 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Performance meets connectivity: The PLANET IGS-801T Gigabit Ethernet switch in detailThe PLANET IGS-801T is a modern, slim, industrial Gigabit Ethernet switch. It was specially developed for reliable and fast connectivity in small to medium-sized networks. The IGS-801T has 8x 10/100/1000Mbps auto-negotiation ports. With its robust design, versatile mounting options and wide operating temperature range, it can also work reliably in demanding industrial environments.Simple plug-and-play installationThe IGS-801T is a unmanaged switch, which means that no complex configuration is required. Simply connect your devices to the Ethernet ports. The switch automatically detects the connection and establishes a fast and reliable network connection. Completely in the spirit of "plug and play"!Robust design & easy installation for industrial environmentsAs the IGS-801T can be operated in a temperature range from -40 to 75 degrees Celsius, it is suitable for use in extreme temperatures. This ensures reliable operation even under adverse environmental conditions. The switch supports DIN rail or wall mounting, which enables flexible installation in various environments. Whether you want to mount it in a control cabinet or in another location, the IGS-801T adapts to your requirements.Efficient energy management with power-saving functionsThe PLANET IGS-801T has a redundant power supply input with a wide-range input (12 to 48 V DC, 24 V AC) and is therefore suitable for high-availability applications. In addition, the IGS-801T offers the so-called "link-on" and "link-down" power saving methods. Thanks to these functions, the PLANET IGS-801T consumes very little power in full-load operation, which helps to effectively save energy while maintaining high performance. This in turn helps to lower operating costs and reduce the environmental impact.
Item: 151765

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IGS-510TF » 5-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
4x1000TX + 1x1000X SFP, Wide-temp Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 5-ports from PLANET » IGS-510TF
Item: 164713

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tGW-735 CR » ModbusTCP - ModbusRTU Gateway
ModbusTCP - ModbusRTU Gateway » tGW-735 CR  1 x RJ-45, 3x RS-485, ModbusTCP - ModbusRTU Gateway, PoE
Item: 125753

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IGS-1080A » 8-port Ethernet Switch
Ethernet Switch, 8-ports, unmanaged, 8x10/100/1000Base-T(X) 8-port unmanaged Ethernet Switch from ORingNet » IGS-1080A 
Item: 126089

CHF 156.00*
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IPS-3082GC-AT » 10-port managed PoE Ethernet Switch
Ethernet Switch, 10-ports, managed, PoE, 8x10/100Base-T(X) 10-port managed Ethernet Switch from ORingNet » IPS-3082GC-AT 
Item: 130689

CHF 554.00*
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